Flip Flops – Available in Varied Styles and Colours to Match Every Outfit

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Published: 01st November 2012
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There is huge variety of flip flops available today, enabling people to create different looks and choose ones which perfectly match their taste. Flip flops have now become part of fashion mainstream thanks to pure appeal, functionality, convenience and versatility.

People love flip flops as they are cheap, cool and comfortable. While many use flip flops as summer footwear, these can be used in India all year round and most have these as a staple in their shoe collection. They don’t just use them in home but make a part of their beach gear and even for the informal social events where the dress code is relaxed.

Flip flops come in varied styles and colours to match every outfit. Moreover, they are cheap as well. You may get very comfortable and stylish flip flops for as low as Rs.250.

Not just homes, flip flops are also needed in gyms, public locker rooms, swim pool areas and showers. These are also excellent choice for promotional giveaways. If you have two or three pairs of classy flip flops, it gives you plenty of choice on your attire.

Just a decade back or so, flip flops were considered too casual footwear. These were something to be meant for walking around the house and furthest the flip flops could get exposed to was the backyard. However, manufacturers reinvented flip flops in crazy and cute designs. While the basic style of flip flops remained the same – a flat footed sandal with one strap around one of the toes, there were subtle variations on the basic theme. The new-look flip flops became a craze among women and the men followed. There are many who would prefer wearing flip flops outside over other footwear if they don’t feel compelled by the dress code.

Today, flip flops are available for any occasion. There are flip flops designed for relaxed walks with textures foot bed and flat sole for better grip. Many have tasteful designs printed on them with colourful v-strap.

Wedged flip flop designs had a big role in changing the people’s outlook. These flip flops earned recognition in fashion mainstream, thanks to pure appeal, functionality and versatility. These are flexible to design and you would get thousands of varieties. Every woman of taste has wedged flip flops of different styles, preferably for every occasion.

There is enormous variety available today. There are sassy, retro, girly and so on, enabling people to create different looks and assume different ensembles. Fans of flip flops can wear embellished wedge footwear of dark hues even to formal functions. These can be teamed up with semi-formal or formal outfits. Sequined silver flip flops are the perfect fit with bridal attire and are fast becoming a trendy alternative to bridal shoes.

Most flip flops can be worn with any type of dresses – skirts, shorts, jeans or any other. Well-chosen flip flops can add charm to your personality. Moreover, you need not buy four or five pairs of flip flops to match with all your dresses. Just a couple of the flip flops will fit perfectly with most of your dresses.

Flip flops have now become a staple part of popular fashion. These have even attracted the attention of designers and evolve fashion statements of their own. Whether you use them as an integral part of your attire or for walking around in home, it is up to you.

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