Fall 2012 Must Haves for Men

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Published: 06th November 2012
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Itís that time of the year again when the leaves are turning orange and there is a chill in the wind. Fall is here and with a change in the weather- comes a change in your wardrobe as well. Read on to know what fall essentials you must have.

All you fashion conscious men need to get ready for the fall. And this yearís fall fashion is all about casual yet exclusive fashion. So, time to push those shorts right to the back of the wardrobe and make space for the fall must haves we have listed in this article.

Embrace Bright Shades:
Men think fall and immediately dress up in every grey or black piece of clothing they have. Donít do that- the weather is turning bleak, but donít let your wardrobe go the same way. Keep the greys and blacks aside and welcome some colors in your clothing for the fall. Get out there and buy bright colored t-shirts or shirts or ties or scarves- which will set off beautifully against your black pants or blazer. Just be careful while matching colors against one another and you can look bright on a chilly windy morning as well.

Corduroys and Chinos: These two are must haves for men at work and at play. Whether you have a business meeting or a dinner or have to attend a day presentation or an evening gala; corduroy pants and chinos are necessary for any man. These are easy to maintain and look really good on most men. With chinos to back you up this fall, you just canít go wrong. The colors of the season are tans, mustard yellows, camel-colors, and peanut butter browns. Team them up with brown shoes or short boots in brown color and your look will be complete without any faults.

Darker Denims: Jeans are essential to the wardrobe all year long and so the fall is no exception. But the denim trends for the fall have changed and you need to buy accordingly. If you are allowed to wear denims at work- leave the lighter shades of blue hanging dry in your wardrobe- unless you want to be banished by the fashion police. That is why you must upgrade your jeans collection with darker washed blues and also choose denims with clear cuts. Regular darker denims should see you through fall quite stylishly. If you can afford to- then cuff your denims up- this is indeed the latest thing in this fall.

Bomber Jackets: Nothing makes a man look more stylish than a bomber jacket- as has been proven by countless Hollywood stars. Buy a quilted sleeveless bomber jacket this fall and make sure it is in a single color- most preferably black or white. These jackets are quite warm and with detailing like zippers, and pockets, stylized stitches and rivets look high on fashion. Team them with nice cotton t-shirts and you will steal the show everywhere you go because teaming a jacket with the right tee makes you look sleeker and more attractive.

Of course as we progress towards winters and the temperatures will fall further, it will be time to buy those cardigans and overcoats. Also, stock on bright and colorful scarves and caps and you will be all ready to stroll out this fall in style.

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